he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

10 April 2012

she said... easter weekend snap shot

Being that both 'he' and I are originally from London means that come bank holiday weekends when everyone else leaves the city we stay as we are already officially 'home'.  I love London during Easter as it seems to empty out a little and I find the time to chill out at home, see the family, hang out with some of my favourite people at my favourite places and also discover new ones.

Good Friday: Lunch at my friend Joel, along with some rather cute little people, was so excited by lunch forgot to take some photos. Post lunch we all headed down to Highgate Woods. Can't believe I have never been before especially as its so near home.

highgate woods
my lovely nephew Zach hitting the slides
Zach exploring a Den, who makes these?

tree climbing Seth showing off his skills

serious amount of tree climbing going on

tree climbing and giant ice cream... happy days
later that night...'he' and our friend Luke preparing for l'erocia

Saturday was reserved mainly for mooching, my firend Emma and I headed to Broadway Market in East London. I haven't been to the Market for years but this is what Easter Weekend is for...


Emma enjoying a very yummy lunch...

after snapping the apples above the very friendly farmer gave me a free apple, result 
and what should follow a piece of fruit? A giant piece of cheese cake of course.

later that night... we hit the Monopoly board, we are so rock n roll  

things didn't go so well for 'he'...
 Easter Sunday... Another Lunch with Friends, who also happen to be amazing cooks, hurrah. As well as being a great chef my friend Charlie is also a prop buyer which means her flat is filled with beautiful, unusual and amazing things, so I'm always excited to nose round and see what new things she has.

homemade hibiscus water, yum

just a little* jealous of this print
                              antique globe...check. dollie...check. amazing vintage wall paper...check. I love Charlie's flat.
fancy pants starters

the happy chef
and a very yummy pie
and mash, i seriously love this serving dish
and how much do i love this tea cosy?
And Easter Monday I made lunch for 10 members of my family, I am not the most organised chef so didn't have a spare moment to take photos but I did find time to cuddle this little pudding, there is always time for the puddings in my life...

my super cute niece, even if I do say so myself.

*massively jealous. 

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  1. I just went to Broadway market for the first time recently - and loved it. Looks like a lovely weekend.


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