he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

26 September 2012

she said... world best chair/cushion combo

she said: how perfect would this chair be for me to sit on and do my make up?

he said: why do you need a chair? whats wrong with you sitting on the floor?

This weekend 'he' and I went to Tent London and I was not prepared, I meant I actually was not prepared having no cash with me, what was I thinking?

There were so many lovely new designers to discover, it was really refreshing to discover new things and I just wanted to share them with you over my new few posts.

But first I have to share my favourite find of the exhibition. This was one of those items you see which makes you say need it, want it, have to have it and you start feeling like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. In my defence my behaviour was justified as have you ever seen a more beautiful chair and cushion combo? (The answer is no.)

These dreamy chairs and cushions are from the very talented Rosie Sharp. Many of the items are brand new and not sure if many places are stocking them, there is also no prices listed but as soon as there is an update I will let you know. In the meantime here are some of the other lovely things you can find on her site.

25 September 2012

he said... it's the truth

Just come across this series of "serious drawings" by Marc Johns and can't help but agree with him.

28 August 2012

she said...tuesday cushion crush

I have been spying the work of Clare Nicolson for a while, she stocks some lovely things in her online shop (including several lovely prints) but nothing has made me think... need it, want it, have to have it, until now....

Her new range of vintage cushions are lovely and there are several I have my eye, just need to pick One... maybe Two. They range between £18 - £25 which I think is a bit of a bargain.  And not to panic you but as they are made from vintage materials they are limited, only being a couple of each. I of course will have made my purchase before I post this, I have my prioritise straight.

Polly Cushion £25

Lula Cushion £18

Jane Cushion £25

Trudy Cushion £25

17 August 2012

she said... little friday notice...normal service to resume shortly

I know its been ages, i have been a little slack to say the least... this can be blamed on 2 things.

One was the olympics, i was a women obsessed, glued to my TV Screen and had time for little else. The obsession and the sadness that it is over is slowing fading... but it did have a boost again the other day when I saw this 'winning print' from Lucie Sheridan...too much?

Lucie Sheridan, Winning Print, £35
The other reason i have been a little slack is due to my own home needing a massive amount of attention, never has the saying 'money pit' been more true then recently.  Blogging about beautiful items for the home was just a little too painful whilst I spent all my money on things that can not be seen. Although the works continue i'm back...promise.

20 July 2012

she said... a little friday something

Could this be the most beautiful cushion in the world? I think it might be.

Hand made cushion, Gallery Bobbin

It has been a while since I have done a cushion post so to make up for lost posting this is the best cushion out there. It's from the extremely talented Maria Hatling and I have been dreaming about it for some time. 

17 July 2012

she said... pick me up prints

Between the constant rain and some rubbish news concerning a freelance contract yesterday was a pretty crappy Monday. I basically hid away from the world and made a a good solo effort on a large bar of Green and Blacks, however as they say...'tomorrow is another day' and they seem to be right... the sun is shinning, I have already been for a run (mainly to counter balance the green and blacks) and my lovely friends have listened to my rantings and allowed me to get it out of my system... so to fit in with the mood here are some pick me up prints, Tuesday and the rest of the week is already looking better...

Anja Sheriden

Freya Cummings

Society 6

Society 6, Riga Sutakul
Karin Akesson

And here is my favourite which also happens to be one that I own...

Happy Tuesday People....

13 July 2012

she said... a little friday something... put the kettle on...

Have you ever put the kettle on, walked away and then an hour later realised you never had that cup of tea you wanted? This is something I would do however I have a whistling kettle which never lets you forget. They may take longer ( a great deal longer) to boil but you will never forget to make that cup of tea.

The kettle we have is on its way out, so the search for a new one begins. This 1930's style kettle from Picquotware is stunning, a thing of beauty. I need it in my life. However I am not sure I could keep it as shinny and streak free as the design deserves it to be....the search will continue and I will just dream about this one. 
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