he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

20 July 2012

she said... a little friday something

Could this be the most beautiful cushion in the world? I think it might be.

Hand made cushion, Gallery Bobbin

It has been a while since I have done a cushion post so to make up for lost posting this is the best cushion out there. It's from the extremely talented Maria Hatling and I have been dreaming about it for some time. 

17 July 2012

she said... pick me up prints

Between the constant rain and some rubbish news concerning a freelance contract yesterday was a pretty crappy Monday. I basically hid away from the world and made a a good solo effort on a large bar of Green and Blacks, however as they say...'tomorrow is another day' and they seem to be right... the sun is shinning, I have already been for a run (mainly to counter balance the green and blacks) and my lovely friends have listened to my rantings and allowed me to get it out of my system... so to fit in with the mood here are some pick me up prints, Tuesday and the rest of the week is already looking better...

Anja Sheriden

Freya Cummings

Society 6

Society 6, Riga Sutakul
Karin Akesson

And here is my favourite which also happens to be one that I own...

Happy Tuesday People....

13 July 2012

she said... a little friday something... put the kettle on...

Have you ever put the kettle on, walked away and then an hour later realised you never had that cup of tea you wanted? This is something I would do however I have a whistling kettle which never lets you forget. They may take longer ( a great deal longer) to boil but you will never forget to make that cup of tea.

The kettle we have is on its way out, so the search for a new one begins. This 1930's style kettle from Picquotware is stunning, a thing of beauty. I need it in my life. However I am not sure I could keep it as shinny and streak free as the design deserves it to be....the search will continue and I will just dream about this one. 

11 July 2012

he said... it's ok, but this is better.

i was looking at our crappy argos clothes rack this morning and thought there must be something better. and then i found this...

much better. from Jacob Jorgensen.

6 July 2012

she said... a little friday something...365 lucky days

US based artist Lucy Jackson has taken up an amazing challenge of creating a piece of art every day for a year. Other then that being a huge amount of work they are something different which can be rare to find. I love the style and idea although I can't say I love every piece, but I guess that is the idea to create something different each day which will appeal to various tastes.

The one piece that I absolutely love (above) has a very 'he and she' feel to it and would look perfect in our bedroom but sadly it's no longer available and must have been snapped in the early days of the challenge via her online shop. However there are still about 100 days to go, so you never know she may do one similar, hint, hint.

4 July 2012

she said...check out this Magpie

A few clever and talented friends have mine have recently started a business selling an eclectic range of furniture and small pieces for the home and are currently frequenting markets in south London.

It was started by Charlie, who's home I featured a while ago on my easter weekend post. Charlie has spent the past 9 years working as prop buyer for film and TV, she has kitted everything from Bleak House to Dr Who's Tardis so its safe to say she knows where to find the good stuff. The idea for the business started as Charlie kept finding amazing and unique pieces on her travels whilst kitting out sets but now instead of leaving these finds behind Charlie has been busy collecting and you can find them all on the 'Magpie' market stall.

hand knitted tea cosy
love, love, love these pans, would have bought them but felt i should leave them to real customers. 

mid century toasted sandwich maker

The stool has everything from deck chairs to tea cosys and most of the pieces are mid century... or there abouts. However there is no hard and fast rule to what you might find as Charlie simply buys items she thinks are beautiful, interesting and useful. 

Along with Dan and Wendy 'Magpie' are covering a number of markets in South London, to find out where they will be next check out their Facebook page

As well as everything you find at the market the Magpie gang can also source things privately, so if you are after something particular, maybe an art deco chair or a mid century table lamp, they will be the people to find it for you.
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