he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

31 May 2012

she said...loving Laura's Attic

I recently met Laura from Laura's Attic at the Homespun event in Shoreditch. Although I was under my own strict instructions not to make a purchase I came away with one of her lovely crochet white cushions. Since then I have been eyeing up some of the other lovely items at her etsy shop, if you like bright, colourful, vintage inspired items it's definitely worth checking out.

Laura is based in wales where everything is handmade.  Her shop features smaller items such as cushions and blankets to bigger statement pieces, she also offers a bespoke design service.

Renovated Vintage dinning table and chairs, £175

Autumn Leaf Cushion, £10 each, i almost bought this blue one but then I remembered the cushion rule.

As well as these bright lovely summer items I also love the granny blanket. I am still hoping that by the time winter shows its ugly face I may have learnt to make myself one of these bad boys, but if that fails I know where to get my hands on one.

Large, Vintage Granny Blanket £75

29 May 2012

she said...happy 1st anniversary

copyright @ Krisatomic

Can't believe it had been a year but this time last year the bunting was being hung, the flowers being displayed and I was looking at met check every 30 seconds to see if the rain would stay away. And it did.
It has not been the easiest 1st year of marriage but regardless it been a great one. 

21 May 2012

he said... drink drink drink

i'm always forgetting to drink enough water while I am at my desk, perhaps this little birdie water dispenser will help me drink my 8 cups a day!

11 May 2012

she said... a little Friday something... jubilee tea towels

I have been pretty quiet on the blog recently and this is due to a busy time at work. However I finished a contract yesterday so have time for a little post.  

I have been working on a BCC production all about the upcoming Jubilee so as an ode to my project (which i a pretty proud off) I bring you a little Friday something which gives you a range of the ultimate piece of jubilee memorabilia, the humble commemorative tea towel.

plum chutney, £15

Culture Label, £16.50

Hirst and Hirst Living, £10

Culture Label, £16.50

Zeena Shah

To Dry For, £10
Hunted and Stuffed, £12.50, and my favourite.

8 May 2012

he said… storage

I have been looking at storage units recently quite a bit. Both for work purposes and to add storage at home. Looking around I was interested to find that Herman Miller in the US have re-released this beautiful storage system designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1949. It follows their principles at the time of industrial mass production. When it was originally designed it was a very innovative piece and perhaps too modern for its time, hence its comparitvly low success. The system was made up of several components which were also available in many different finishes, allowing the user to change and reconfigure the size and layout of the unit - customising it to their needs. This was a very important piece and has inspired many storage designs since. It truly represented the Eames philosophy in terms of solving interior decor problems in an innovative and functional way.

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