he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

19 January 2012

she said....knitting all the way home

The last time I picked up a pair of knitting needles I was about 7.  Back then in the time it took my Nan create an entire jumper I was still trying to figure out what slip knot was and times haven't changed much.

This week I headed down to Drink, Shop, Do, which is place that is a mix of ..well drinking shopping and doing. Crammed with fabulous things to sit on, buy, drink and eat they also offer knitting lesson, with a cocktail on the side. How could i resist. 

Despite my lack of confidence, I actually got it! Thats right people, I now know the basics of knitting. OK, its taken about 4 hours to achieve enough to make a knitted sweat band but I am still going. So watch this space for glorious knitting results, the plan is a chunky knit bolster.  In the meantime here are some gorgeous knitted items that inspired the whole thing in the first place.

Left to right, stripe yellow and white pillow, Darkroom, £75, Knit Stools, Claire-Anne O'Brien. Knitted Blanket, Le Souk,  €249.95. Knitted Lampshade, Aria. Red and White pillow, Darkroom (as before) Mustard Poufs, Darkroom, £470.

15 January 2012

she said...perfect sunday evening

Even though our flat maybe a little chilly, the pipes bang, the boiler is temperamental and the floor boards and windows are draughty the ability to have an open fire makes it all worth it. So happy it makes us.

Open Fire
Kindle Time

= Perfect Sunday Evening

For 'he'. Well just replace 'husband' with 'wife' (hopefully) and 'Kindle time' with 'Scotch time' and that should be about right.

12 January 2012

he said...how handy

As a t-shirt wearing, gadget using, stripe loving, spectacle wearing neat freak I think this was made for me.
Its a striped t-shirt with a microfibre cloth as the bottom stripe for cleaning your glasses and gadgets.

10 January 2012

she said...time for a rule break (ish)

I know its one of our staple rules but we recently purchased a new chair which can mean only one thing...New Chair = New Cushion and I know just the one. As a fan of (regular) couch napping this chunky knit cylinder cushion from Ferm Living is perfect. Plus it's in the sale, it's a no brainer really.
Cylinder Cushion, Ferm Living, 40 Euros

he said...unique retro AirPlay Hi-Fi

My brother and I have been looking around for around a year for the perfect airplay speaker system for his bedroom, he wanted a small system that looked cool and he could stream music and radio to from his iPhone via airplay. There are several airplay speakers on the market but none of them do exactly what we are looking for........until now.

This is the Griffin Twenty and was announced yesterday by Griffin, its basically a nice looking amplifier with a gorgeous old skool knob on it to control the volume, you just add an airport express and a pair of your granddads old vintage speakers and you get a unique retro looking system that is bang up-to-date with technology. And if you already have an Airport Express and some speakers kicking about its a pretty cheap solution too.

he said...I need this now!

For some reason I seem to be addicted to 2 things, gadgets and anything made from tan leather. The other day I came across something truly amazing that combines both my addictions in one! Check out these beautiful handmade leather replacement iPhone backs, they seem pretty easy to fit and look very well made. You can even get them customized with your initials.

Each case is handmade from leather and wood by Chris, the founder of sledmade.com. They retail for around $90 a piece, add a little more if you want some customizing. I'm off to order mine now!
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