he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

28 February 2012

she said...its all about spring.

This weekends clear blue skies and the fact that I didn't have to leave the house armed with hat, gloves, scarf and coat made me very happy indeed and filled me with the joys of spring. 'Goodbye winter' i said 'and hello pastel colour things, fresh flowers on demand, good use of my sunglasses and BBQs....'

However in typical British Weather style it didn't last long and the view from my window is now a grey one. So whilst the weather makes up its mind here are some accessories for the home to remind us that Spring IS on the way,  even if the forecast says something different. 

1. My Favourite Spot in Spring Cushion, £45, Belle & Boo.
2. Red and Fig Pinny, £26, Lisa Stickley.
3. Folkware Platter - small, £55, Pedlars.
4. Vihkiruusu coffee cup, €12.50, Marimekko. Love these!
5. Cushion, £55, Helen Steel.
6. Musical Bouquet Print by Madamesange, £58, available at Elphick's. I love this one so much I have it. 

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