he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

19 November 2011

he said...scotch scotch scotch, i love scotch!!!

Winter is here, and that means long evenings in front of the fire with my favourite single malt.
Now all I need is a tumbler with equal character and depth as my scotch. Here are couple that I hope to be picking up very shortly.

This is a new take on the classic cut crystal tumbler, the Depozit tumbler available from the MoMA store.

These have to be my favourite, the "Stay Sharp" tumblers have been crafted in England by a century old maker, the natural horn means each tumbler is totally unique. Available from Best Made Co.

14 November 2011

she said....tiles, tiles, tiles.

I think it all started with a trip to Marrakech a few years back and a then a trip to India earlier this year threw me over the edge but i bloody love a tile. Having just seen these amazing photos on houzz.com I am feeling joy, jealousy and a very strong desire to have tiled stairs and i don't even have a stair case. Totally gorgeous.

'he' isn't much of a fan of the tile and although I may not have a sweeping tiled stair case I have managed to sneak some in around the home.
Wall tile from Goa, India
Another Indian tile used as a bedside coaster
Original 100 year old fire place
Tile from Supernice

13 November 2011

he said... inspired lamps

Here are a couple of cool alternatively inspired lamps for the bedroom, the lounge or just for hanging around!

This is the Fix lamp from Studio 248, its inspired from an auto mechanics lamp and I think its pretty nice, a nice touch is that the top half of the cage is held in place using magnets, so it doesn't need a mechanic  the bulb.

How about this? its a light which takes its for from a typical torch, it links like it has a soft touch finish and has a car headlight style diffuser. You could place them around on the floor to give off a nice ambient light.

Or even cluster them together and hang them from the ceiling to make more of an impression in a larger room. Torch Light by Sylvain Willenz.

12 November 2011

she said...make up table dilema

Once upon a time this was the dream...

and this is the present day reality...

Now I am not the girlyest of girls and the idea of all those frills and foofy things may not be my sort of taste now but I do dream of a day when I don't have to crouch on the floor to do my make up and all my products have their own little home and not thrown together into one box/draw. 

Here are the dressing tables I am currently drawling over.

from Conran, I have seriously been lusting over this make up trunk for about 3 years but at £2,245 its a pipe dream.

 from made.com, love this but I think my array of lotions and potions would ruin the slick style.

from Graham and Green, nice and neat, not sure I could keep the white furnish make up and smudge free.

Super cute.

Alas in true goldie locks style these are either too big, too small to wide or too expensive, so the search continues.

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