he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

26 February 2012

he said... bikes as art?

The forecast for London this weekend was blue skies and sunshine, my kind of cycling weather!
So I decided to get the good weather bike out of winter storage and give it a much needed dust down.
after a few minutes of buffing I stepped back to admire my work...

How can something this beautiful be kept in a cupboard!!!

This got me thinking. I remember a going to a design show a couple of years back seeing a pretty cool solution for storing and displaying  your bike on the wall. So I had a little search to see what I could find.

This was it, its called the cycloc by design student Andrew Lang, and now its in production and available to buy for around £60. Its a pretty good idea, but its a bit cold and hard -  not very homey, there is no way 'she' would allow such a thing. I then came across a similar solution called bike shelf which may be a bit more appealing.

This is called 'bikeshelf' and is available from Knife & Saw for around £200. obviously quite allot more expensive than the cycloc, but far more homey! And if there its going to be a decision between the 2, I know which one 'she' would choose. Overall though, i'm not totally sold on sports equipment as art. I think the bike will just have to spend the next few years in the cupboard until I can fund the construction of my Mancave!


  1. Nice idea but I won't be allowed one either.

  2. Teach me how to make Peugeot racer as beautiful as your bike.
    Leon b


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