he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

6 July 2012

she said... a little friday something...365 lucky days

US based artist Lucy Jackson has taken up an amazing challenge of creating a piece of art every day for a year. Other then that being a huge amount of work they are something different which can be rare to find. I love the style and idea although I can't say I love every piece, but I guess that is the idea to create something different each day which will appeal to various tastes.

The one piece that I absolutely love (above) has a very 'he and she' feel to it and would look perfect in our bedroom but sadly it's no longer available and must have been snapped in the early days of the challenge via her online shop. However there are still about 100 days to go, so you never know she may do one similar, hint, hint.

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