he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

16 April 2012

she said... save the recipe

I seem to have collected many recipes torn from magazine which are not only randomly placed in cook books (so i can never find the one I want) but they are also sorry pieces of paper wrinkled and disintegrating.

'He' kindly found me a a great app for the i pad called Basil, it allows you to add your own recipes or find existing ones via other cookery websites. Its fairly new but its easy to use and has some useful features like a built in timer.

Basil App

The app is pretty useful and there are others out there if this one isn't for you but there is a problem here... I am a messy chef and its pretty much guaranteed that my i pad will be sprinkled with flour, covered in salt and smooched in butter. So going back to the old school there are many lovely Recipe cards out there which not only solved the problem of documenting recipes but they also feed my stationary addiction...they are now an essential...

One Canoe Two 

In-Vita Paper Studio

Oh Hello Magpie

Squirrel and Fox
inkello letterpress
Rifle Paper Co

I love the Rifle Paper Co cards (they make loads of really amazing products even if recipe cards aren't your thing) And if your not a cook but know someone who is some of the designers offer personalised cards which make the most lovely gifts... hint hint.

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