he said "only two cushions per sofa."

she said "no floor standing speakers."

everything else we will work out on the way.

18 February 2012

he said...tool me up

Recently I have been more and more drawn to tools, not necessarily useful or practical tools, in fact there are probably much more practical and cheaper options available, but for some reason these tools have been calling to me.

This is a classic example, why would I want to trim my hedge with a pair of topiary shears when I have a full on electric hedge trimmer in my man cupboard? There is just something about them which makes me want to pick them up and use them. - Available from www.burgonandball.com 

Now everybody knows the most important tool you need living in central London is an axe, a great big bloody beautiful axe.

Just look at it - Beautiful!

Look! You can even get a tan leather sling to carry it down to the woods! I want this so bad.
- Available from www.bestmadeco.com

These are slightly more useful, especially now I have started a cabinet making course which I will be writing about in the near future.

These are Japanese saws, the teeth are set so that they cut on the pull rather than the push which means the blade is in tension when the saw is cutting. This way the blade can be much thinner than a traditional saw so its lighter and more accurate. Plus they look cool, like all Japanese tools.

Look at these Japanese chisels. They look cool. - Available from www.garrettwade.com.

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  1. Trendy Norwegian loggers need beautiful tan leather axe holders. It's so obvious.


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